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Pure Shows Off New Music Service

Pure, the company known for its digital and internet radio, will deliver content through a new music store. read more...

According to Pure's Managing Director, Graeme Redman, the Pure music service will throw together more than 18 million songs in a sleek music-store interface reminiscent of Apple's iTunes, from playing controls to the applications side pane.

"Why fix something that isn't broken?" said Peter Blampied, the company's Director of Sales, on its resemblance to Apple's iTunes.

The service seems easy to use, allowing subscribers to compile playlists by dragging a thumbnail over the 'create playlist' icon. Additionally, it feeds a web of music-related information, including artist, album tracks, bio info and more thanks to Shazam technology. If a browser sees something they're interested in, they can simply click to buy directly from the page.

Redman was adamant that the service will be compatible with a slew of devices. Since the service is cloud-based, users won't have to back up their music and transfer them from one device to another. Instead, the same account can be accessed by a phone (so far iOS or Android), a pure radio or a computer.

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